Health, Safety & Welfare Statement of intent


Health, Safety and Welfare Statement of Intent



It is the policy of Goldwing Developments Ltd, to do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, and those who may be affected by our undertaking such as other contractors, visitors and the general public. In so doing, the company will comply with all applicable relevant legislation, approved codes of practice, moral and company driven obligations.


This statement is made in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, and we also wish to emphasise our commitment, because we recognise that the most important resource of the company is its employees.

The company consider matters of health and safety to be of equal importance to those of economy and productivity and as such shall be adequately resourced in terms of finance, staffing, competency, time and consideration commensurate with that of all other business opportunities.

It is our aim to ensure excellence in standards of Health and Safety and this shall be reflected in the procurement of articles, substances and equipment. This excellence shall also be demonstrated in the services provided by the company. All equipment put to use by the company shall be maintained, fit for purpose and used in the manner for which was intended.

We recognise that injuries and ill health suffered through work can be prevented through effective proactive management control and actions;


    • the provision of safe systems of work
    • the use of safe, well maintained plant
    • providing arrangements for the safe storage, handling and transportation of articles and substances
    • ensuring the competence of employees through information, instruction, training and supervision
    • providing a safe working environment and sufficient welfare provision

We will consult directly with employees on health, safety and welfare matters on a collective or individual basis, providing access to senior management. In addition this will be achieved through regular safety tours and the toolbox talk (Short Duration Training) system.

Implementation of this policy shall be achieved by compliance with the company’s general Health and Safety Management System, legal requirements, provision of sound advice, strong supervision, training programmes, adequate joint consultation and access to health, safety and environmental support, as appropriate. The policy requires and expects all levels of management and supervision to actively initiate and pursue ways and means of making the working environment as safe as possible with due regard to any provision made as being reasonable and practicable.


Our employees have a duty under law to take care of their own health, safety and welfare and to that of others. In addition, they have a legal responsibility to cooperate with this company to ensure that the statutory duties placed upon it are complied with. To assist in this, all employees are to be made aware of the hazards presented to them through their normal duties by the communication of relevant risk assessments, all other applicable safety information and the measures implemented to mitigate risk presented by those hazards. Employees will be given information pertaining to the control measures put in place and in the maintenance of those installed measures. This includes the provision of any Personal Protective Equipment, the information and instruction on its use, and care in storage and maintenance.


The company looks forward to co-operation and support from employees at all levels to make this policy a success, to achieving continuing improvements in safety standards, and to creating a positive safety culture within the company.